Restaurants in SLO CAL

Perfectly positioned between two of the nation’s most vibrant gastronomic hubs, San Francisco and Los Angeles, SLO CAL attracts many talented chefs and sommeliers.  Its relaxed pace and access to authentic ingredients from farms, ranches and the ocean makes it a desirable location to dine. Comfy weather, good beer and jaw-dropping vistas enhance the ambiance even more.  

Farm-to-table wine country dining is just one aspect of San Luis Obispo County’s diverse culinary wonderland. Scrumptious Salvadoran pupusas and mouthwatering street tacos represent a strong Latino culture in the region. Additionally, due to a rich ranching legacy, some of the best barbecue can be found in the West. What would mornings be without third-wave coffee roasters and fresh pastries? Juicy burgers and milkshakes keep surfer bellies full, while hot days scream for smooth, luxurious ice cream. Date nights can be had over fresh oysters, a bowl of Thai noodles or sumptuously spiced samosas and tikka masala, and enjoy delicately battered fish-and-chips as you breathe in the refreshing ocean air.  

When you’re in SLO CAL, the only time you’ll hear your stomach growl is when you can’t decide what to choose.