Live Music & Concerts

Want to get your groove on? In SLO CAL, the opportunity to hear live music is never far away.

SLO CAL’s top-notch venues, from intimate bar stages to high-capacity outdoor amphitheaters, regularly welcome both local and internationally acclaimed musicians year-round. For touring groups, close proximity to Los Angeles and San Francisco makes swinging through San Luis Obispo County not only appealing but convenient as well. Music festivals run the gamut, bringing blues, rock, electronic, classical, jazz, folk and world musicians to stages all throughout the county. But plenty of the best music made in SLO CAL is homegrown. The region’s classical ensembles play everything from solo and intimate chamber music to full-scale symphonies, oratorios, and even operas, while singer-songwriters frequently display their down-home talents at winery events all year long.  When attending outdoor concerts and farmers markets, it is additionally common to find funk bands jamming away. Anytime you are in the mood for good music, SLO CAL is always ready to turn up the volume.