Film Locations in SLO CAL

Welcome to the Filming Location Database of San Luis Obispo County, an essential resource for filmmakers and location scouts seeking the perfect backdrop for their next masterpiece. Nestled within the heart of California and just a 3-hour drive from Los Angeles, SLO CAL offers an extraordinary tapestry of scenic vistas, from the serene coastline and rolling vineyards to the quaint historic towns and rugged mountain landscapes.

This database is designed to streamline your search for the ideal setting, showcasing the diverse and picturesque locations available across our county. Whether you're envisioning a tranquil beach scene, a bustling urban setting, or the tranquility of pastoral landscapes, San Luis Obispo County presents a world of possibilities, all within reach. Let the Location Database guide you in discovering the perfect locale for your filming vision.

Available locations are not limited to what you see here. If you are looking for something specific, email and our team will provide you with tailor-made location research and suggestions.

If you have a house, farm, vineyard or open space that you would like to add to our film locations directory, please fill out the form HERE.