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SLO CAL is excited to welcome your clients to our rugged coastlines and world-class wine regions! Visitor's to San Luis Obispo County can experience unique activities​ like horseback riding through vineyards and off-road adventure on the Oceano Dunes. Enjoy a vibrant food and wine culture with culinary events and wine tours. And it’s all easily accessible, with minimal traffic your group can go from ragged coastlines and sandy shores to quaint downtown and sprawling ranchland all within an hour drive.

SLO CAL Travel Planner's Guide 

The Visit SLO CAL Sales team supports the travel trade, tour operators and travel agents from around the world and is the perfect location for your groups and FITs. From Laid-Back Luxury Itineraries, Thematic Trails, Exploring SLO CAL Virtually and more we have you covered for all the inspiration you need. Download our Travel Planner's Guide for a quick reference of San Luis Obispo County. 


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If you would like assistance planning your tour, Visit SLO CAL will gladly assist you to find what you are looking for at no cost for groups of any size. Reach out to our sales team at or fill out the Request for Proposal form. 

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Visit SLO CAL offers a wide variety of materials, programs and services to assist you in your planning efforts. We’re here to help travel trade professionals…

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Indulge your palate in SLO CAL, where group dining options are plentiful and delicious. 

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