San Miguel

San Miguel is named after the historic Mission San Miguel Archangel, the 16th California mission, founded way back in 1797. However, it’s the San Miguel countryside that offers one of the most treasured wonders in The Land of SLO CAL. Pass through the verdant valley and marvel at the stately oaks, vine-draped hills, blooming orchards, and vast ranchlands sprawling out before your very eyes. Grab a bicycle and cruise down San Miguel’s winding roads to experience what it’s like to ride through a real-life pastoral painting. Trade the bike for a glass of red wine and hit the Pleasant Valley Wine Trail — known for its elegant tasting rooms and down-home hospitality. Don’t miss the quirky main drag, where gatherings bring together locals and adventurous travelers all in one cozy community. If you’re looking for an authentic taste of traditional SLO CAL, belly up to San Miguel.

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