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Relish the thrill of the hunt? Love discovering that perfect, one-of-a-kind piece for your collection or that one item that simply tugs at you unexpectedly? Don’t miss the multitude of antique malls and stores throughout SLO CAL.
In nearly every corner of SLO CAL, explore an antique store or mall, full of treasures that are waiting for their new owner. No matter what you enjoy collecting, you’ll find it here. Keep an eye out for something in particular, or embrace shopping serendipity by seeing what enchants you that day. With antique stores updating their finds on a regular basis, there’s no reason to rush. Slow down, and take your time through the shops, marvel at the untold stories of an item’s past, and chat with friendly local shop owners about the area. Not only will you be taking home a unique item, but you’ll also be bringing back cherished memories of a spectacular SLO CAL shopping excursion.


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