Bars & Lounges in SLO CAL

SLO CAL, San Luis Obispo County, has long been home to cowboy and beach bars, but an explosion of wineries, breweries and distilleries has caused local bars and lounges to step up their game in order to attract serious mixologists. Craft cocktails, with garden-fresh ingredients, are now a staple on a number of bar menus. With a quick glance down the bar, you’re likely to spy a winemaker, brewer or distiller enjoying a glass alongside you. While a classic martini, Negroni and an old-fashioned are always appropriate, for a true insight into SLO CAL creativity, try an establishment’s signature drink. You’ll likely discover a new favorite.

When it comes to wine bars, wine lovers have their pick of the litter. Several bars offer award-winning options from the region’s wine country, and many of the workers behind a bar are eager to share the story of how a wine was created. So, choose your poison: whether it’s a hip lounge, high-end wine bar or karaoke dive, you’re bound to taste a bit of authentic SLO CAL in every drop.