Content Call For Local Partners 

Local partners can browse and submit ideas for current content calls for pitching out to media

Visit SLO CAL is continually seeking new content ideas to include in media pitches for consideration. If you are a partner of Visit SLO CAL and have information on what’s new in our region, or have a fantastic story to pitch, please contact us today at


  • Jazz Stages a Spectacular Comeback: Anticipating the wave as the jazz revival sweeps through fashion, music, and culture. We’ll get ahead of the rhythm and dive into the hidden jazz scene across SLO CAL, from intimate local clubs to the grand stage of the 5th annual SLO Jazz Festival.

Please share information along with high-res imagery by April 18th.

  • Teenifornia: Planning the perfect family vacation includes finding accommodations, activities and restaurants that will keep the kids engaged! Share the best places in your destination for families traveling with teens.
  • Pride Month: California is a national leader in celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. Share any celebrations happening in your destination during Pride Month and any LGBTQ+ owned businesses that visitors can stop at this pride month and throughout the year.

Please share information along with high-res imagery by May 1st.


  • Accessible Travel: We want to highlight unique and unexpected travel stories behind a certain initiative or activity, such as AmpSurf, the non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities, Veterans and first responders through surf therapy.
  • Heath & Wellness Experiences: Have a special spa or unique wellness treatment? We want to know! Whether it's a cozy retreat or a refreshing experience, tell us about your health and wellness offerings in SLO CAL!
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Do you run a business with eco-friendly practices in SLO CAL? We want to hear about it! 


  • Sustainability in Travel Product: Share information about sustainable destinations and/or businesses, including any new efforts visitors should be aware of.

  • Native California: Share information about the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, histories and
    important contributions of Native experiences in your destination.


Would you like to be featured during a journalist’s visit? Visit SLO CAL is always looking for lodging, restaurants and activities to highlight during a media familiarization (FAM) tour. If your business would like to be considered and you can offer your services at a discounted rate, please email us at