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The people and communities of SLO CAL have long understood the importance and value of the natural environment here. Life is Too Beautiful to Rush means we believe in taking notice and appreciating the world around us.

So, it’s no wonder that the business owners, civic leaders and residents have joined together in a collaborative effort and a steadfast commitment to sustainable practices.

With buy-in from all corners of the community, SLO CAL has become a destination leader in sustainable tourism experiences. All while continuing to honor the best practices in maintaining and improving the quality of life for its residents. Which makes these stewardship and sustainable efforts good for everyone — around the corner and around the globe.

SLO CAL has partnered with the World Travel & Tourism Council to support our communities efforts in sustainable tourism. When you travel responsibly to SLO CAL, you too can positively contribute to the protection our natural and cultural resources.


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SLO CAL's tourism strategy encourages sustainable tourism to the region whilst simultaneously acting as responsible stewards on behalf of the residents in the community

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