Welcome to SLO CAL, a hotspot for convenient travel from Los Angeles or the Bay Area. Did you arrive with your car batteries drained and need to fill them to propel you through a few days of excursion ahead? Whether you’ve arrived in a Tesla, requiring all EV or need occasional top-offs from point-to-point, overnight charging at your hotel, or high-voltage Supercharging, SLO CAL has you covered. Find where to charge your electric car at these SLO CAL complementary stops below.


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Out & About in SLO CAL (Universal EV Plugs)

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EV Charging Stations in SLO CAL
San Luis Obispo

If you’ve arrived in San Luis Obispo and are looking or a hookup out and about, head over to the Laguna Lake side of town to top off at the Target shopping center, where you can plug in at five different Level-2 universal plugs scattered around the shopping center. Grab a bite at El Pollo Loco or Olive Garden, browse the collection of sporting goods at Dick’s or enter into the vortex of Target while you wait. 

Head across Los Osos Valley Road to the Home Depot parking lot for two Level-2 universal plugs. Grab some snacks at the Whole Foods or Panda Express or browse Home Goods, TJ Maxx or if you have a Costco membership, this is your plug. 

If you prefer Cost Plus World Market, REI or Crushed Grape, check out the four Level-2 universal plugs in front of Bed Bath & Beyond at the SLO Promenade. If you’re plugged in there, check out the dining options at Tahoe Joes, Buffalo Wild Wings. A further walk would be sushi at Kokku Sushi, Panera or Chipotle. Further down, across Madonna Road is Madonna Inn, where there are two complementary Level 2 chargers in the entrance of the boutique hotel and restaurant. Grab an elevated dinner at the Alex Madonna Gold Rush Steakhouse or a cute bistro lunch at the Copper Cafe, and stroll around this iconic SLO landmark. If you’re headed to shop at the quaint Downtown SLO, check out the Marsh Street Parking Structure, where if you pay to enter the gated garage, find two free, Level-2 universal plugs right near the exit on Pacific Street. 

On the other side of town, MINDBODY has 20 Level-2 universal stations that are reserved during business hours, otherwise they’re up for grabs. Get yourself an inexpensive sandwich at the nearby Edna Deli, located in the Shell gas station while you wait!

Nearer to this side of town, pop in to SLO Cider Co. for some canned or on-the-tap tropical goodness while you’re plugged in at one of the two, Level-2 universal chargers nearby in the parking lot of the San Luis Obispo Air Pollution Control District. 

If you’re in SLO CAL, you will certainly want to wine taste, head to the only SLO Coast Wine Level 2 universal charger at Tolosa Vineyard and gain some volts while you sip savory goodness. 


South Coast

If you’re headed to the beach, your first stop will be Avila Beach. For free Level-2 universal charging, there’s one plug in front of the Avila Bay Club, where the public can enjoy a lunch at the charming Oasis Grille in the club or the nearby Woodstone Marketplace

Continue on to Pismo Beach, where you can plug into one of two, Level 2 universal plugs at the California Fresh Market, in the same shopping center as Sushi Kokku, Gino’s Pizza or Starbucks. If you are going to pay for parking anyway, consider plugging in at the free Pismo Pier parking lot, where hourly rates apply for public parking but can charge at one of their two Level-2 plugs in the back corner. 

Even further towards the southern edge of SLO CAL, you’ll find four, Level-2 universal plugs at the Oak Park Plaza, fit with a Starbucks, Quarterdeck Seafood Bar & Grill and Carl’s Jr. 

Preferably, but you’ll get less of a charge, is the quaint village of Arroyo Grande. At the Olohan Alley, you’ll find 10 outlets for Level-1 charging, but be sure to have brought your own charger. Browse the village, enjoy the historic swinging bridge and spot a roaming chicken or two nearby. Hotspots are wine tasting at the sustainable, local Lindquist Family Wines tasting room, enjoy Klondike Pizza or wet your whistle at Mason Bar & Kitchen



If you’re headed up to SLO CAL’s North County from San Luis Obispo, make a stop off of the El Camino Real in Atascadero to find one Level-2 charger at the Mechanics Bank. Enjoy a donut across the street at SloDoCo, or a smoothie at the locally-founded Jamba Juice. 

Making your way north, to Firestone Walker Brewery, where you can grab a bite at their restaurant while you plug into one of their two, Level-2 chargers. 

We’re not only in brew country, but the world-renown wine country of Paso Robles. If you would rather fermented grapes, let’s take a loop and plug into any of the following wineries in West Paso Robles, off of Highway 46/Vineyard Drive/Adelaida Road. First stop going north will be Castoro Cellars where you’ll find cave tours. Continue on for Grey Wolf for not only wine, but spirits with Krobar right behind it. Niner Wine Estates just a few miles out, a French-inspired chateau with beautiful views of Heart Hill, a full gourmet kitchen and solar panels used for their car chargers. Now we have a drive, but stick with us to head back into Paso Robles Wine Country (West) with Tablas Creek’s trailblazing efforts at sustainability and see where at least 5-million of the highest quality vines originated in United States after being imported from their sister property in France. While you’re out that far, check out Halter Ranch, with over 2,000 acres and gorgeous grounds to A) get married on, or B) have a lovely picnic or hike out to the 600-year old Ancestor Tree, the world’s largest Coast Live Oak on record. Head back into town for the music-forward Vines at Marycrest, where live music abounds and each blend is named after a different popular song. As you make your way back, check out dinner at The Steakhouse at the historic Paso Robles Inn with one, Level-2 charger.

Let’s not forget about Paso Robles Wine Country East. Head up Highway 46 for two, Level-2 universal chargers at the left entrance of the glamorous hotel Allegretto Vineyard Resort Paso Robles for a fine lunch or dinner at the Cello Ristorante and Bar, or simply enjoy a sample from their tasting room, sourced from vineyards throughout the region. Head further out to Glunz Family Winery & Cellar for a quick charge, glass of wine and a game of Bocce Ball. 


North Coast

At Hearst Castle chargers are available at no cost! Or after your tour, enjoy alfresco or indoor service at the Cambria Pines Lodge restaurant or lounge while you plug into one universal, Level-2 charger out back.



Overnight Complementary EV Charging in SLO CAL (Universal Plugs)

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Hotels in SLO CAL that have Electric Car Charging Plugs

If you’re coming to SLO CAL with an electric car that needs a boost from a Level 2 universal charger, consider staying at any one of these SLO CAL hotels. Etiquette dictates these plugs are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. So your chances of getting a plug at any one of these hotels is higher, in descending order.


South Coast

The Cliffs Hotel and Spa in Shell Beach has one, Level-2 universal behind valet for those wining and dining at the property’s Marisol or cuddling up for the weekend. Next door with larger luxury apartment-sized rooms, Dolphin Bay has one, Level-2 spot also behind valet. 

Vespara on Ocean is your luxury property in the heart of Pismo Beach. Four, Level-2 universal chargers are reported and kept behind valet parking. Beach House Inn and Suites nearby in Pismo Beach has two, Level-2 universal chargers that are behind valet and suggest calling ahead to reserve your plug. The boutique Valentina, also a short walk away in Pismo Beach also has two, Level-2 universal plugs. Similarly, find two plugs at Kon Tiki Inn, back with oceanfront views. Inn at the Cove in Pismo Beach has availability for one, Level-2 guest. Cottage Inn by the Sea is a cozy place to hole up, with room for one, Level-2 charge. Pismo Lighthouse Suites is your family-friendly (including fido) stop on the water with one, Level-2 spot in the underground garage while their nearby sister property, Shore Cliff Hotel, also has one spot. Seacrest Oceanfront Hotel has outlets for two guests who bring their own Level-1 charger. 

In Avila Beach, behind their gate, check out one universal Level-2 plug at the newly remodeled Avila Lighthouse Suites just steps away from the sand. 

In San Luis Obispo, at Hotel SLO, including their three restaurants, you’ll find Level-2 charging behind valet. Similarly, Hotel Cerro maintains five universal Level-2 charging stations for valet guests. 



If you prefer to charge up at night in Paso Robles Wine Country, select these SLO CAL hotels with one, Level-2 charger. See the Allegretto Vineyard Resort, however, for two, Level-2 chargers.

Check out the newly opened boutique, Stables Inn in Paso Robles. The historic Paso Robles Inn has your dinner and room for your nightly charge. Adelaide Inn also is accommodating for your nightly, Level-2 charge. Additional Paso Robles properties also welcome charging, such as the Oxford Suites Paso Robles, Best Western Black Oak, La Quinta Inn


North Coast

As you head up SLO CAL’s Highway 1, check out Morro Bay's Hotel Avisa, where you will find two Level-2 plugs for guests to stay over night and might be heading to the Embarcadero for shopping, adventure or dining. Head up Highway 1 to Cayucos’s On the Beach Bed & Breakfast, right near the Cayucos Pier and maybe more importantly, cookies at Brown Butter Cookie Co.

Further north, Cambria’s Sea Otter Inn has one, Level-2 charger for guests right to the left as you enter the parking lot. Also along Moonstone Beach with the same charging capabilities for guests are Blue Dolphin Inn and Sand Pebbles Inn. Within the quaint village of Cambria, find a similar plug at the Bluebird Inn. Head up to Cambria Pines Lodge for one universal Level-2 charger in the hills.

A town to the north, San Simeon Lodge has one, Level-2 universal plug for guests. 



Overnight Complementary Tesla Level-2 Charging in SLO CAL

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Hotels Motels with Tesla Level-2 Chargers in SLO CAL

For those SLO CAL visitors with Level-2 Tesla plug capabilities (or those who own an adapter), SLO CAL has a few Tesla Level-2 charging to fill your batteries while you sleep. 


South Coast

Hotel SLO valet guests with Tesla Level-2 charging capabilities start on the right foot in San Luis Obispo. Similarly, Hotel Cerro maintains two Tesla Level-2 charging stations for valet guests. If you are visiting Avila Beach, consider staying at Avila Lighthouse Suites, where you will not only have an oceanfront view, but can also find one Tesla Level-2 charger in the hotel parking garage. 

Perched on a bluff overlooking the ocean, The Cliffs Resort and Spa and neighboring property, Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa, each provide guests with two Tesla Level-2 chargers to give you the extra boost you need to continue exploring SLO CAL. Further down the coast, find another Tesla Level-2 charger at Inn at the Cove, located right in front of the entrance to the lobby for the convenience of guests. Perhaps an English countryside inspired hotel sparks your interest, in which Cottage Inn by the Sea is a perfect destination to enjoy quaint architecture as well as overnight charging for your Tesla, Level-2 plug. If you are traveling with your family (and fido) Pismo Lighthouse Suites provides a Tesla Level-2 charger, and an extensive play area for your kids. If you’re a birding fan, check out an overnight at Shore Cliff Hotel with a bird sanctuary below and one Tesla Level-2 plug above.

In Pismo Beach proper, guests of Inn at the Pier who valet can accommodate Tesla Level-2 plugs for overnight guests.

Further South, Arroyo Grande Agrarian Inn will welcome you for an overnight stop for two, Tesla Level-2 plugs. Aloha Inn is your other option in Arroyo Grande, where guests will find one Tesla Level-2 charger.


North Coast

Head up Highway 1 in SLO CAL to find Morro Bay’s Best Western Trade Winds, which has one, Tesla Level-2 charger for the overnight needs of guests. Look for two Cayucos charging Tesla Level-2 hubs, one at On the Beach Bed and Breakfast, directly in the heart of Cayucos near the pier and maybe more importantly, cookies at Brown Butter Cookie Co. The other Cayucos location is somewhat out of town on Old Creek Road. There you will find one Tesla, Level-2 charger at Wellspring Ranch, a lovely getaway between the Pacific Ocean and Paso Robles Wine Country

If you continue up Highway 1, there are two Tesla Level-2 chargers for guests in the hills at the Cambria Pines Lodge. On Moonstone Beach, check out the Sea Otter Inn, with two, Level-2 Tesla chargers for guests right to the left as you enter the parking lot. Blue Dolphin Inn, El Colibri Hotel and Spa, Cambria Beach Lodge or Sand Pebbles Inn each have one, Level-2 Tesla charger for guests staying overnight. 

At the Hearst Castle parking lot, Tesla, Level-2 chargers are available. In town, Days Inn San Simeon also has one Tesla, Level-2 charger. 



Out in the countryside, Justin Winery has one Tesla Level-2 plug at the Just Inn. On the westside of Paso Robles is Allegretto Vineyard Resort, with two Tesla Level-2 plugs for guests to charge overnight. The elegant and exclusive CaliPaso Villa has two Tesla Level-2 plugs for your overnight charge. Summerwood Winery & Inn, Creekside Bed and Breakfast and Oxford Suites Paso Robles each have two, Tesla-Level 2 chargers for guests to plug in overnight. The historic Paso Robles Inn, Adelaide Inn and Best Western Plus Black Oak each have one, Tesla Level-2 charger. 



Complementary Tesla Level-2 Charging while you're Out & About in SLO CAL

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Tesla Level 2 Chargers in SLO CAL

For those SLO CAL visitors with Level-2 Tesla plug capabilities (or those who own an adapter), SLO CAL has over 100 Tesla Level-2 chargers scattered up and down the county to give you a quick charge while you’re out and about. 


South Coast

Let’s get your day started with max bars on your dashboard in San Luis Obispo. For valet at Hotel SLO, including their three restaurants, you’ll find Level-2 charging behind valet. Jaunt over to Edna Valley to Tolosa Vineyard for two free Level 2 Tesla chargers while you sip savory goodness. 


If you are just stopping by Avila Beach for the day, you can charge at one of the two Tesla Level-2 chargers at the Avila Bay Athletic Club, where the public can enjoy a lunch at the charming Oasis Grille in the club or the nearby Woodstone Marketplace


As you head further down the SLO CAL coast towards Pismo Beach, you’ll find several Tesla Lovel-2 chargers at seven different hotels, including their restaurants. Perched on a bluff overlooking the ocean, The Cliffs Resort and Spa has dining facilities at Marisol while neighboring property, Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa invites public to dine at LIDO, each providing valet guests with two, Level-2 Tesla chargers. Further down in Pismo Beach proper, Inn at the Pier’s valet will accept your Tesla Level-2 charging car at one of the two chargers they have onsite while you dine at the Rooftop. 


North Coast

Head up Highway 1 to find two Tesla Level-2 chargers in the hills at the Cambria Pines Lodge while you enjoy alfresco or indoor service at the restaurant or lounge



Paso Robles Wine Country has your abundance of chargers at many wineries around. Look for three Tesla, Level-2 chargers at Templeton’s Rotta Winery or two each at Castoro Cellars or Turley Wine Cellars. Peachy Canyon Winery has one Tesla, Level-2 charger. If you head to the hip neighborhood Tin City, check out the center’s public charger in front of Field Recordings.


Paso Robles wineries with chargers include Niner Wine Estates for the eco friendly, with two Tesla Level-2 plugs that charge by their bank of solar panels. Croad Vineyard with a whopping six Tesla, Level 2 chargers. Grey Wolf Cellars/Barton Family Wines has two Tesla Level-2 chargers. Deep in the Adelaida District is Halter Ranch Winery with three, Tesla Level-2 plugs. Nearby is Justin Winery and Tablas Creek Winery, each with one, Tesla Level-2 plug. Allegretto Vineyard Resort has two Tesla, Level-2 plugs for the tasting room or Cello Ristorante and Bar. Vines on the Marycrest, Sumerwood Winery, Alta Colina, Windward Winery, Giornata, Cass Winery, Robert Hall Winery, Jada Vineyard and Winery, Booker Vineyard and Winery, Derby Wine EstatesGlunz Family Winery, Denner Winery, HammerSky and Herman Story Wines each have two, Tesla Level-2 plugs to charge while you sip. Pear Valley Vineyards has one Tesla, Level-2 charger. And back in town, check out dinner at The Steakhouse at the historic Paso Robles Inn, with one, Level-2 charger.



Tesla Supercharging Stations in SLO CAL

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Tesla Supercharger Stations in SLO CAL

Along Highway 101 in SLO CAL, you can find over 85 Tesla Superchargers, ready to give you the juice you need to explore our county. From South to North, here’s where you can boost your needle. 


Arroyo Grande

The Five Cities Center has a DC-jolt for up to 8 Teslas and a ton of options to visit while you wait. Hit up In-N-Out, or take in a movie at the Regal Theaters. The SLO CAL-founded Jamba Juice is nearby, as is Poke Morro or Palo Mesa Pizza II. 


Pismo Beach

If you prefer discount shopping outlets, check out the Pismo Beach Premier Outlets, where 12 Tesla superchargers await you. While you’re there, explore the SLO CAL Welcome Center, to find all the adventure that awaits you in SLO CAL. Also stop by the locally-sourced offerings called the Natural Toolbox, among other well known brands as Kate Spade, Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Volcom, among many others.


San Luis Obispo

Three different supercharger locations await. Check out the Madonna Inn for 14 DC-outlets and check out the Madonna Inn Copper Cafe for breakfast or lunch or the Alex Madonna Steakhouse for dinner while you wait. If these superchargers are full, you may want to head to the nearby Target shopping center behind Dick’s Sporting Goods, where 16 supercharger outlets are at your ready. Here, El Pollo Loco or Olive Garden await your order. The SLO Public Market boasts the largest amount of superchargers in the area with 20 available for use. While you're charging you'll have no shortage of dining options in the market, sip a local brew or grab a coffee. 



At the Mechanics Bank at Atascadero, you’ll find eight supercharger stations and a SloDoCo, a local donut store across the street. Or look for a smoothie at the locally-founded Jamba Juice. 


Paso Robles

You’ve got your pick of 28 superchargers at the Golden Hills Plaza in Paso Robles. Stop into Starbucks or browse TJ Maxx while you wait. 

Wherever your journey takes you in SLO CAL, we’ve got your charge to get you around the county and back home. But, stay a while and recharge your batteries with us!


If you notice any non-functional chargers or know of any chargers that could be added, please email us at marketing@slocal.com.