Why Advocacy? 

Visit SLO CAL’s advocacy efforts are intended to ensure that the tourism industry’s voice is represented on issues that matter to our community of investors and partners, and that the industry’s views and wishes are genuinely considered when decisions are being made that impact our industry. 


Visit SLO CAL’s Advocacy Plan’s primary objective is to increase the awareness, influence and unified voice of the SLO CAL Travel & Tourism industry among the general public, community leaders and stakeholders, while sharing the economic impact and quality of life enhancements that our organization and tourism contribute to the region.

Public Policy Platform

Promote SLO CAL as a Visitor Destination

Visit SLO CAL supports initiatives and policies that create opportunities to market SLO CAL as a premier destination for domestic and international travel while maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Advocate for Industry Needs that Demonstrate Tourism’s Commitment to Local Values

Visit SLO CAL believes that a healthy and prosperous business climate is critical to support ongoing investments into the social, environmental and economic future of the region. Visit SLO CAL will advocate for policies that help the region’s tourism businesses grow their impact. The organization will support policies that responsibly attract, develop and retain a qualified workforce, increase the availability of workforce housing and transportation options, increase the competitiveness of local business and increase the availability of people to travel to SLO CAL.

Facilitate Travel to and Within SLO CAL and California

Visit SLO CAL supports efforts to facilitate travel to and within SLO CAL and California, including the enhancement, maintenance and repair of transportation infrastructure, the promotion of air travel to SLO CAL by domestic and international travelers, the dissemination of information that facilitates travel to SLO CAL, and the elimination of political, economic and regulatory barriers to travel. Visit SLO CAL also supports economic initiatives that will directly or indirectly attract and sustain travel to SLO CAL. 

Promote and Advocate for Resource Stewardship Initiatives that Positively Impact the Sustainability of the Destination and Enhance the Visitor Experience

Visit SLO CAL believes that our natural environment is a central tourism and economic asset in our region, and therefore supports policies, projects and programs that protect SLO CAL’s natural resources and landscapes. Visit SLO CAL will advocate for equitable policies that maintain our oceans and beaches, watersheds, open space, water and air quality to meet the ecological, environmental and recreational needs of our visitors and residents.

Promote and Advocate for Long-Term Development Projects that Positively Impact the Visitor Experience

Visit SLO CAL believes that public and private sector infrastructure and development projects that will enhance our ability to market SLO CAL as a visitor destination are critical to the organization’s ability to accomplish its mission over the long term. Relevant projects include the development of meeting and conference facilities, improvements to transportation corridors, public transportation and parking, creation and expansion of arts and cultural institutions, and public path and trail systems for biking, equestrian and hiking access. 

Enhance Quality of Life Issues

Visit SLO CAL believes that quality of life issues significantly impact the visitor experience. The organization will support initiatives that maintain and enhance both the quality of the visitor experience and quality of life for local residents with respect to the safety, cleanliness and well-being of SLO CAL’s neighborhoods and communities.


Any organization or individual may request Visit SLO CAL's support or opposition of an issue involving the Travel & Tourism industry. All issues are vetted first through the Public Policy Platform above as well as the criteria below.


Answer Must Be 
Does the issue affect more than one community in SLO CAL? Yes 
Is there reasonable belief that our lodging investors may hold divergent opinions?  No
Does this issue have a direct impact on the Travel & Tourism industry? Yes
Is the outcome likely to change if Visit SLO CAL takes a position on the issue? Yes

If you believe your issue falls within the Public Policy Platform and the above criteria, please contact Advocacy@SLOCAL.com to discuss more. Please note that no issue is guaranteed advocacy by Visit SLO CAL.
Start your path toward tourism advocacy by accessing the SLO CAL Advocacy Tool Kit.