Sports Events

Temperate year-round weather, diverse terrain and appealing postgame leisure activities make SLO CAL an ideal place for competing in—and watching—a variety of sports. Pristine beaches and impressive waves attract professional surfers and surf competitions, while stand-up paddleboarding races dominate harbors. Impeccable golf courses host tournaments, and other events, on their links, and tennis tournaments take over local courts. High-octane cycling races blow through downtown city centers, with cyclists gliding over rolling hills, covered in vineyards, and past beautiful coastlines, whereas runners and triathletes lace-up to pound the pavement―or mountain trails with an ocean view―for serious races, as well as a wide variety of fun runs, color runs, and obstacle course scrambles.  Rollicking rodeos also spring to life all across SLO CAL. And don’t forget team sports! The courts and fields of SLO CAL feature baseball, football and basketball games―even polo matches― all throughout the year.

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