Luxury Itineraries In SLO CAL

Here in San Luis Obispo County, we are fortunate to have a vast array of stellar hotels, restaurants, wineries, breweries, distilleries and experiential attractions that are ideal expressions of SLO CAL and the unique laid-back luxury experiences one finds in here. 

Whatever your client may be looking for, our carefully curated itineraries—based on three-day stays—will provide an exciting and fun laid-back luxury roadmap for SLO CAL, sampling just some of the incredible offerings in the center of the central coast. 

“Critically, California’s luxury audience does not spend exclusively at high-end hotels and attractions. A visitor can enjoy high-end experiences in jeans and flip-flops and discover rewarding local culture, hidden gems and other experiences not typically associated with luxury vacations.” – Caroline Beteta, President & CEO of Visit California

The SLO CAL sales team is always available to provide you with further information, answer any questions you may have and to assist you in whatever way we can, ensuring that your luxury traveler's visit is both spectacular and truly memorable.