Coffee & Desserts in SLO CAL

The culinary scene in San Luis Obispo County (SLO CAL) doesn’t end with our stellar array of restaurants and farm-fresh goodness. Coffee and desserts in SLO CAL are a big part of savoring each day. From artsy cafés with the perfect lounge vibe in downtown San Luis Obispo to quaint ice cream shops with flavors sourced from local farms in Avila Beach, you’ll find just the right indulgence at any time of the day.

With down-home java shacks and high-end, third wave roasteries with pour-over, cold brew or espresso drinks, SLO CAL has much to offer the coffee connoisseur and most offer tea and locally brewed kombucha as well. And no one’s visit to SLO CAL is complete without tasting our world-renowned treats. From salt-water taffy in Morro Bay and Olallieberry pie from Cambria to ice cream made with sheep’s milk in Paso Robles and pink champagne layer cake in San Luis Obispo, your mouth will be watering for another trip to SLO CAL.