Experience SLO CAL 2050

In 2018, Visit SLO CAL engaged Resonance Consultancy to create a comprehensive destination management strategy through 2050 (Experience SLO CAL 2050) that will work to enhance the quality of life for residents and create a must-visit destination for visitors. The number of visitors coming to enjoy the multitude of outstanding outdoor activities, beaches, wine regions and urban experiences is increasing year over year but at the same time, county residents are protective of the high quality of life offered throughout the region – cherishing the ease of accessing outdoor recreation and the friendliness of people.

Resonance Consultancy’s approach for the destination management strategy was designed to help residents and stakeholders articulate and share a clear vision of the future which would lead to a shared purpose and passion. The process undertaken was divided into six phases:

  1. Foundational Research – informed, reviewed and critiqued by the DMS Steering Committee comprised of community leaders and industry stakeholders
    1. Stakeholder Engagement
    2. Visitor Survey
    3. Destination Assessment
    4. Community Survey
  2. Visioning Workshops
  3. Draft Recommendations, Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Implementation
  5. Action Plan Development   

From the visioning workshops, 28 opportunities were identified and recommended then gathered into three areas of focus: Industry Advancement & Advocacy, Infrastructure & Investment and Experience Development. From now until 2050, Visit SLO CAL will be collaborating and engaging lodging investors, partners, city and county stakeholders and local community to implement the recommendations, promoting a vibrant and prosperous San Luis Obispo County.

A quarterly progress report on all 28 Experience SLO CAL 2050 recommendations is available. Log on to SLO CAL Connection to access. Please email advocacy@slocal.com with any questions.

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