What is SLO CAL Crafted?

SLO CAL Crafted® celebrates the quality, local products made, farmed, and grown in SLO CAL. SLO CAL Crafted is an initiative of Visit SLO CAL, an organization working to inspire travel and foster our unique experiences to create life-long ambassadors and economic growth for SLO CAL.

What Comes With Your SLO CAL Crafted Certification? 

  • A FREE listing on SLOCAL.com
  • SLO CAL Crafted Partners are our go-to reference when collaborating with third-party organizations on sales and PR initiatives
  • We love working with our SLO CAL Crafted Partners on photo, video and editorial content 
  • Our SLO CAL Crafted Partners are at the top of our list to participate in sponsored events

Become SLO CAL Crafted Certified Today!


Requirements That Must Be Met To Certify Your Product

  • Business must be headquartered in SLO CAL
  • Primary design & manufacturing done in SLO CAL (no less than 50%)
  • Product sold through brick & mortar OR retail store located in SLO CAL
  • Have the equivalent of at least one full-time paid employee (can include yourself) based in SLO CAL
  • Businesses must create a uniquely local product, experience, or service that enhances the tourism experience in SLO CAL

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