Unpacking SLO CAL Series 

Three mystery suitcases. Two unsuspecting travelers. One unforgettable journey. Dive into the excitement as different social media stars pick out a surprise suitcase and embark on a whirlwind adventure inspired by what they find inside.

From enjoying high-end retreats or exploring untamed landscapes; lounging on serene beaches or rolling down iconic Highway 1; sipping at renowned wineries or discovering hidden gems — there’s no telling where the adventure will lead.

Episode 1: Suzi on the Move

Suzi and her partner chose the vintage suitcase and found a treasure trove of eclectic and extraordinary finds. Each unique item was a key to an experience yet to be uncovered. Watch as Suzi's adventure unfolds. Then delve deeper into the amazing places she explored.

SLO CAL is just a flight away. Start planning your trip now.