Food and Farm Tours in SLO CAL

Hungry to discover local tastes and flavors? Book a food or farm tour in San Luis Obispo County to experience the farm-to-table and culinary scene in a personalized, informative way.
Led by knowledgeable, entertaining area experts, food tours introduce you to restaurants and the fascinating stories of the artisans behind them. Get behind-the-scenes details as you nibble on delicious bites from destinations locals would recommend. Short on time? Food tours are a great way to see and sample a wide variety of cuisine in a limited amount of time. You’ll also learn about SLO CAL’s agricultural heritage and how that continues today with a commitment to organic, sustainably produced meals.
To get another view of SLO CAL’s farm-to-table movement, consider a farm tour. Meet the farmers who produce the fresh fruits, vegetables and meats that you’ll find in restaurants around the county. Take in the beautiful agricultural scenery, taste regional produce and farm products, and personally connect with SLO CAL’s robust agricultural sector.