Avila Beach Video Postcard
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Avila Beach

Tucked into the curve of the San Luis Obispo Bay, Avila Beach is a small, modern coastal town. A relaxed escape with multiple beaches and piers, Avila is your hub for a variety of things to do, from sipping local wine and soaking in natural hot springs to admiring oceanic views from a kayak or trail.  

Avila Beach’s quaint downtown boasts a unique collection of boutique shops, wine tasting rooms and waterfront dining. Venture away from town to explore nearby See Canyon, home to U-pick orchards, farm stands and lush vines, perfect for foodies. Reach the peak of relaxation with inspiring yoga classes or sea-inspired spa treatments. Located approximately 3 miles (4.5 km) off of Highway 101, southwest of San Luis Obispo, Avila Beach is an effortless seaside oasis.

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