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Paso Robles

El Paso de Robles, or “The Pass of the Oaks,” is known for its sunny days, sunnier people and gently rolling hills dotted with majestic oak trees. Here, cowboy-country meets world-class wine region, and more than 40 wine grape varieties ripen to perfection. Discover nearly 200 tasting rooms, and rub elbows with jovial winemakers and farmers at every turn. With a growing cache of craft breweries, distilleries, and olive oil offerings, there’s always a new flavor to try in Paso Robles. The dining scene is farm fresh, and family-friendly activities — including the California Mid-State Fair, agritourism, hot springs, parades, museums, art galleries and community events — attract all walks of life year-round. With a charming downtown square and wine trail that cuts through picturesque vineyards to Hearst Castle on the coast, Paso Robles is a perfect home-base for experiencing your next SLO CAL adventure.

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