Pismo Beach Video Postcard
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Pismo Beach

Classic California is alive at Pismo Beach and Shell Beach, popular SLO CAL beach towns, each with their own energetic vibe. Just a few miles south of downtown San Luis Obispo, alongside scenic Highway 1, Pismo Beach offers year-round fun in the sun. Kayak the Dinosaur Caves. Surf the day away, or lounge on the sand. Venture downtown and find shops, wine tasting and famous clam chowder. In Shell Beach, discover dolphins, whales and seabird sightings heightened by the beautiful Central Coast sunset. Hiking, horseback riding and fishing are all part of the Pismo Beach experience, although many visitors simply come to relax and enjoy the fresh sea air. Stroll the award-winning boardwalk or Pismo Beach Pier, and you’ll understand why this quintessential California beach town has captivated vacationers’ imaginations for generations. 

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