While most attendees of the 2020 SLO International Film Festival come to savor the cinema and experience the fabulous life of movie premieres, some look forward to tasting the delights and sipping on stars with a SLO CAL twist.

This year, the SLO Film Fest will feature several special presentation films that come complete with dinner and a show! Each film is paired with a culinary offering or complemented with a locally produced beverage to heighten all of the senses and bring the story to another level for each viewer.

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So sit back and relax, and enjoy a bite out of some of the special food and drink events happening throughout this year’s festival.

1. The Biggest Little Farm – Presented by the SLO Movie Group

This documentary follows the story of John and Molly Chester moving from the bright lights of city life for the wide-open spaces of farmland. Directed by John Chester himself, the film will dive into their eight-year journey of discovering the importance of farm life and how to sustain Mother Nature for years to come.

This film will be screened at the newly renovated Octagon Barn in San Luis Obispo, with the help of the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County. A BBQ dinner will be sponsored by Old San Luis BBQ, accompanied with locally made wine.

2. Breaking Bread: A Culinary Celebration of Culture

‘Breaking Bread’ highlights the importance of finding commonality over something most everyone loves: food. Dr. Nof Atamna-Ismaeel, the first Muslim-Arab winner of Masterchef Israel, creates the A-sham Arabic Food Festival in the heart of Haifa, Israel, to unite people of all different backgrounds over their passion for good food. Putting aside politics and conflict for delicious dishes, ‘Breaking Bread’ reminds the global community that we have more in common than we believe.

SLO Brew the Rock will play host to this event, which will feature complimentary appetizers and drinks to bring forth the same lessons drawn out in the film.


3. Paso Film Night

Expanding outside of the city limits of San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles will be home to its very own Film Night throughout the 2020 SLO International Film Festival. Out of the three films being screened throughout the evening in North County, the story of Gary Eberle will be carried out in ‘Full Boar.’ Eberle will divulge his secrets on how he became known as the Godfather of the Paso Robles wine industry, which includes advice and guidance from winemaker Robert Mondavi and football legend Joe Paterno.

Park Cinema will be set up highlighting the best of Paso Robles, including food from Jeffry’s Wine Country BBQ and delectable wine options created right in the Paso Robles wine region.

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4. Tastes and Flavors of Japan

Film festival attendees will experience the culinary delights of Japan right here in SLO CAL! The art of making sake and mochi will be demonstrated in films like ‘The Story Beyond a Cup of Sake’ and ‘Mochitsuki.’ The filmmakers will be on hand to discuss the inspiration behind each of the productions, and how the cultural impact of these traditional Japanese tastes expands far beyond the island country.

Not only will viewers get a taste of the behind-the-scenes process of making both sake and mochi, but they will also get to sample sake and mochi at the Park Cinema celebration.

5. Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy – Sponsored by Jacqueline Frederick Law Firm

The art of Mexican cuisine has been mastered by Diana Kennedy after years of practice and precision, as seen in ‘Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy.’ The 97-year-old chef has put her decades-long experience within the food industry to work within cookbooks, recipes and even environmental activism.

Her inspiring yet vigorous work ethic brings flavor to this story, which will be complemented with the tastes of Justin wines throughout the screening.

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