Places to sip, swirl and play the day away (with the whole gang)

In SLO CAL, there's no need to choose between kid or adult fun for your next family vacation. Combine the two worlds once and for all with beautiful scenery, fabulous flavors and family-friendly events unfolding every weekend in SLO CAL's award-winning wine regions. Pack a picnic basket, grab some lawn chairs and head for the vineyards, kids in tow! They'll enjoy basking in the sun, dancing to live music and mastering new lawn games. You'll enjoy a hard-earned pairing or two.


1. Fun on the lawn

May the best family member win! When lawn games are involved, we can all get in on the fun. That is, if you can suppress your competitive edge. Repeat after me: It's just a silly game.

Chronic Cellars in Paso Robles is a great place to kick back and play a game of corn hole, pool, or horseshoes while sipping away. Really, you'll never need to put down your glass!

Teach the kids how to play bocce ball at Laetitia Winery in Arroyo Grande or Biddle Ranch Vineyard in Edna Valley and they'll brag to their friends forever.

Eberle Winery's outdoor picnic deck is perfect for lounging after a rousing game of bocce ball or corn hole. Plus, leashed dogs are welcome here, making for a truly low key Paso Robles day trip.



2. Grub down

Food we can all agree on? Truly, this is not a dream. Culinary creativity is a huge part of the allure of SLO CAL's wine regions, but don't worry—these unfussy snacks are totally kid-approved.

Check out Lone Madrone's famous Burger Sundays, when the Paso Robles winery offers up gourmet burgers topped with plenty of accouterments (even if your kid prefers “nothing but ketchup”).

Talley Vineyards in Arroyo Grande not only offers great pinot noir and chardonnay, but the tasting room also boasts a farm stand where you can purchase fresh produce each weekend. Enjoy some seasonal, fruit together and let the juices dribble where they may!

Pack a picnic and head for the panoramic vineyard views at Wolff Vineyards in San Luis Obispo. Too busy to make a few PB&Js? No prob. Every Friday each summer, the winery stays open for extended sunset hours and there's always a food truck parked out front (simple fare like barbecue and tacos are totally on the menu).



3. Explore together

Kids and parents alike love a good adventure. Break away from the regular wine banter and discover what lies beyond the tasting bar.

Sextant Winery in Edna Valley is located next door to the Old Edna Townsite, home to historic structures and even an old gypsy wagon. Take an enchanting self-guided tour of this settlement and make memories that will last way longer than the finish on that pinot noir.

Kelsey See Canyon Winery in See Canyon is home to a flock of brightly plumed peacocks. Hang out on the grassy outdoor patio, sip some chardonnay co-fermented with local apples and catch a sighting you won't soon forget. Are your kids more hands-on? Purchase a bag of birdseed and make a new feathered friend.

Bonus: Avila Valley Barn is located nearby and offers up a menagerie of farm animals, many of which can be fed by your little one.

Friday Twilight Hours at Harmony Cellars are chock full of summer vibes. Enjoy live outdoor music, food trucks and family bonding at this scenic Highway 1 road stop. Plus, you and the kids can explore the nearby town of Harmony, population 18. Who knew?



4. Music to your ears

Tunes for all! When the band gets cranking, all ages can't help but wiggle, bop, and hop. Give in to the beat and show those tiny dancers your favorite dance moves from highschool. They'll be mortified, but happy.

Train Wreck Fridays at Fabelist in Templeton always features killer bands starting at 5:30 p.m. Have some foot-stompin' fun with the whole fam (plus, kids are admitted free).

Rio Seco Winery in Paso Robles hosts a regular Fifth Friday Music & Merriment party throughout summer featuring woodfired pizza courtesy of Gypsy Flame Food Truck. Pizza +  live tunes = happy kids. Need we say more?

The tots will love making up dance routines while the band plays on at Venteaux Vineyards in Templeton. Check out the folky-fun of Bear Market Riot and close the summer right this Sept. 6, 2019 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.