International flavors, locally grown

The SLO CAL culinary landscape is a tapestry of local flavors, distinctive dining locations and owners/chefs that make dining in San Luis Obispo County exceptional. One of those dining experiences that you don’t want to miss is in Cambria at Robin’s Restaurant.

Dining in a Whimsical Setting

Robin’s storybook location makes it a perfect choice for any special occasion celebration or it helps turn an average Tuesday lunch into something exceptional! Choose from a table inside the quaint adobe home from 1935, the enclosed and sunny atrium or the enchanting garden. The colorful and cozy design make guests feel inspired and at home. Robin’s ‘dining rooms’ are one-of-a-kind for lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch! 

Robin’s on-site garden is eclectic, just like the food they serve. The owners feel there are too many beautiful flowers and flavors to not incorporate a wide variety into the plants they grow and plates they offer. Benefiting from the Central Coast climate, guests can delight in their garden blooms all year round – with the peak occurring May through July. 

Shanny Covey of Robin's Restaurant in Cambria selects vegetables at the farmers marketFocused on Local Ingredients

Robin’s menus change seasonally reflecting what is available at the farmers markets around San Luis Obispo County. As owner Shanny shares, “What we have available enables us to create a menu that is seasonal and fresh year-round.” Some of the garnishes even come directly from Robin’s own garden!

Taste the flavors of the region and know that the proteins are sustainably farmed, and the produce is likely from a farm right down the road. Because Robin’s focuses so much on the ripest ingredients, it is no wonder they are especially known for their vegetarian options. Expect not just delicious veggie dishes, but something unusual and different than you’d find at many restaurants. No matter your dietary preferences (vegan, vegetarian or gluten free), comfort cuisine abounds at Robin’s.

World Inspired Cuisine

Robin’s Restaurant was first opened by Robin and Shanny Covey in 1985 and from its inception, has been serving up global inspired cuisine. Shanny hails from Singaporean Chinese heritage and embraces cultural diversity through the variety of foods Robin’s serves.

Included on today’s menu are the following cuisines: African (shakshuka), Mexican (enchiladas), Koren (kimchi fried rice ), Japanese (duck ramen), Greek (meze plate), Indian (roghan josh), Thai (tom yum talay), Italian (lasagna), French (bisque) and more! In 2003, Robin opened Novo in the city of San Luis Obispo and Shanny and Robin partnered to open Luna Red in 2010. All their restaurants, although distinctive from each other, are inspired by world cuisine and offer diverse and unique menus.  

Server holding two bright plates of foodSLO CAL Culinary

This partner spotlight is part of our SLO CAL Culinary series. The purpose of this series is to celebrate unique SLO CAL dining experiences like Robin’s Restaurant by shining a light on the unique chefs, makers and creators who craft local menus, with a focus on unique SLO CAL eats and drinks.  

Robin’s restaurant in Cambria invites visitors to taste seasonally grown farm to table ingredients inspired by cuisines from around the world in a unique setting (inside a historic home or in the heart of their garden). You can find more information by visiting For specials and event information follow them on Instagram or Facebook.