Where art, technology and nature meet

Sensorio is a unique SLO CAL (San Luis Obispo County) experience with a focus on sustainability. Walk the path through the illuminating exhibits in SLO CAL’s wine country and immerse yourself in an otherworldly landscape. Meander through the colorful displays on the rolling hills, amongst glowing towers and next to fishing pole beams and cascading fibers. Experience an immersive and one of the kind evening activity that the whole family can enjoy!

Illuminated rods and hills in the darkAbout Sensorio

The grounds are made up of multiple interactive art exhibits that invite visitors to walk through and explore the interplay between light, color and the wine country landscape of Paso Robles. Rolling hills are brought to life with illuminating color transforming the land into a captivating and transcendent setting. This is the largest artwork of its kind in the world!

The trail that leads visitors through the following exhibits is approximately two miles long and offers lookout points and benches throughout:

  • Field of Lights – a expansive display of bulbs that transform the hills into changing carpets of colors. This exhibit is especially striking as the path alternates between perspectives. One moment you are eye level with the lights and seeing them from above and as far as the horizon the next.
  • Light Towers – as a tribute to the region, this piece uses 17,000 recycled wine bottles filled with optical fibers that slowly change colors in time with a corresponding musical soundtrack. Each tower standing approximately 7 feet tall and comprised of nearly 70 towers, this exhibit provides guests with the most up-close observation of the light and fibers.
  • Gone Fishing – fanned sparkling rods reach over a mock river with bridge paths that offer the best views. Tip: look back towards the other displays while on one of the bridges and catch a glimpse of the colorful towers framed by the 'fishing' rods.   
  • Fireflies – adding to the dreamlike landscape are tentacle optics emerging in clusters on the outskirts of the exhibit path. These otherworldly creatures dazzle and delight.
  • DIMENSIONS – Sensorio’s newest permanent exhibit is opening in May 2024…just in time to celebrate its 5th anniversary! Artist HYBYCOZO brings together light, sound, shape, movement and shadow together in over 40 artworks - patterned orbs that glow cast geometric forms onto the landscape and visitors alike.

The Artists

The Field of Lights, Light Towers, Gone Fishing and Fireflies art displays at Sensorio were created by British artist Bruce Munro. Bruce draws inspiration from creating a shared experience through large-scale light-based instillations and has created numerous worldwide pieces. His display in Paso Robles is his largest.

The natural setting provides the perfect backdrop for the fiberoptic light displays. And the set up encourages interaction between viewers and the pieces. Munro is also known for his urge for reuse, as seen in the use of recycled wine bottles in the Light Towers display.

The newest exhibit DIMENSIONS was created by HYBYCOZO. The Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone is a collection of artists creating large geometric sculptures. And their new installation at Sensorio is their most ambitious work to date.

Colorful towers made of recycled wine bottlesSustainability in Practice

Doing their part to help build a brighter tomorrow. Sensorio uses energy efficient LED lighting and fiber optics that are completely solar powered for its more than 100,000 ‘bulbs’. They implement native landscaping using drought-resident plans and water-wise irrigation. And waste management is top of mind with robust composting and recycling programs. Sensorio puts the natural landscape at the center of their exhibits and is always considering ways to minimize its impact on the surrounding areas. Learn more about sustainability in SLO CAL here.

Maximize Your Visit

The Sensorio experience is enhanced with live musical entertainment and local food & beverage. Book your ticket and arrive early - you can enter the grounds at any point during the hours of operations. This gives you ample time to enjoy the live musical guests, a food truck dinner on the event lawn or a beverage at The Mercado bar. Then take in the magic of the sun setting and the hills coming alive in vivid color.

For an extra special experience, inquire about seating on The Terrace. This area ensures guaranteed seating, access to a private bar, fire-tables to enjoy, priority entry and the best views of the Field of Lights. Don’t forget to bring your walking shoes, handheld cameras and curiosity.

Man and women enjoying drinks at Sensorio's VIP terraceCome experience SLO CAL illuminated in color as the sunsets in Paso wine country. Perfect for a special event or your next evening in SLO CAL. For more information, to check seasonal hours of operation or to purchase tickets, visit Sensorio's website. In May, Sensorio will turn five years old so keep an eye out for special events and celebrations on their Facebook and Instagram!