Starting in 1988 as a micro brewpub, SLO Brew has since grown into a loved component of SLO CAL as well as one of the longest-standing brewpubs in California. Known for its hand-crafted micro beers, quality dining and live entertainment, SLO Brew brings the community together over craft products created right in SLO CAL.

Initially starting out with only 4 beers, they have expanded to an extensive collection of various brews. “The brewer’s association says it’s got to be small, independent and traditional. I have a different take on that,” says SLO Brew brewmaster, Steve Courier.

couple eating at SLO Brew Rock
Photo credit: Acacia Productions

SLO Brew Rock is known for its variety of flavors and touches that make its product so unique and special. Using lots of fruits and different yeasts and hops, SLO Brew puts their own spin on craft beer, seltzers and spirits. They are always exploring new ingredients and flavors to create the next best crowd-pleaser. While they have many beers on tap, they are also known for their spunky-branded canned options for friends near and far to try.

Along with their SLO CAL Crafted brews or spirits, SLO Brew Rock plays a pivotal role on the central coast as a community center for events, concerts and quality dining. Stop by for mouthwatering food, whiskey tasting or world-class entertainment as they boast a large event space for all to enjoy. With lots of outdoor space and room to roam, it acts as a hub for SLO CAL to get together, debrief and enjoy the quality SLO CAL Crafted products that come out of the community.


​Header Image photo courtesy of: SLO Brew Rock