red wine being poured into a glass
Man Pouring Wine for Group of Friends at Tooth and Nail Winery
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Wineries & Tasting Rooms In

San Luis Obispo

Sample award-winning wines at more than 27 tasting rooms across pastoral Edna Valley, just 10 minutes from downtown San Luis Obispo. Pick up lunch and wine-touring maps at Old Edna Townsite, and stick around to uncover your new favorite wine. Drive to the coast for a sunset walk on the beach and even more tasting rooms to discover. Downtown SLO is home to an array of welcoming wine bars and tasting rooms stocked with the finest selections from across the region, including Paso Robles, Arroyo Grande, and Santa Maria. Try all the SLO CAL wine specialties in one place and become an expert in the region’s wine culture.

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