Celia's Garden Cafe

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Love the idea of dining with butterflies and hummingbirds? Then Celia's Garden Cafe is a best bet for a fresh and visually beautiful breakfast or lunch. Mostly hidden from the main drag, this open-only-during-the-day eatery has a calming energy, perhaps because it's adjacent to a spacious nursery. Celia's can get crowded on weekends when friends meet for Eggs Benedict with lox and local asparagus, just baked fruit muffins and fluffy Belgian waffles, always served with real maple syrup. Lunch offerings include plenty of burger variations and salads, and vegetarians won't lack for choices. Most interior tables are near large windows, but the sunny patio that boasts large and sturdy umbrellas is a wonderful seating option as well. For directions and more information, call (805) 528-5711.
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