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Olivas de Oro Olive Company is a family business founded by Frank and Marti Menacho in 1999, when they purchased a 160 acre orchard in the Northern Sierra foothills of California. In 2007 they pulled up stakes (literally uprooted the trees) and moved the orchard to Creston in northern San Luis Obispo County. It was a huge operation, but well worth it to have the trees in their new home. They moved about 2000 of their 103-year old trees, and alongside the old growth olive trees they planted a 16 acre high-density orchard of Arbequina olive trees. Frank is a master blender and has been producing extra virgin olive oil for over 12 years, for friends and chefs, restaurants and wineries, as well as California olive oil producers. He is an industry supporting member of the California Olive Oil Council and a member of the Olive Oil Tasting Panel. The Tasting Panel is the only one in the US and adheres to the standards set by the International Olive Oil Council in Spain. The tasting room is open Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 5pm.


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