Paix Sur Terre

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Paix Sur Terre, French for “Peace on Earth”, focuses on unique varietals not found anywhere else in Paso Robles. The wines have received praise from notable wine critics, trusted periodicals and journals, and, most importantly, visitors to its tasting room. Ryan and Nicole Pease founded Paix Sur Terre in 2010 and have dedicated themselves to producing the wines they love; single-vineyard Mourvédre, Rhône blends, and Mediterranean-style white wines. With fruit sourced from some of the best vineyards on the west side of Paso Robles, Paix Sur Terre has developed a reputation for truly creative wines that stand out from the crowd. Abstract artist Jon Blythe designs the labels and creates a new piece of art for every vintage. His original artwork adorns the walls of the Paix Sur Terre tasting room on Vineyard Drive. As a family winery, Ryan and Nicole are often in the tasting room to greet guests and share their passion for wine. Paix Sur Terre is a limited production winery and sells every bottle produced. Some of the wines sell out quite quickly, so make sure to visit and spend some time on the patio and enjoy a bit of peace on earth.
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