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Visit SLO CAL Event Guidelines

  • To be included, events must be:
    • open to the public
    • located in San Luis Obispo County
    • be of interest to tourists or expand tourism*
    • have a specific start and end date
    • have official and public contact information (business/organization website, email and/or phone number)
  • Only submit photos or images that you have express permission or rights to use for this purpose. By uploading an image, you certify that you have use rights for the image(s) and that you authorize Visit SLO CAL to display it on this website.
    • Photos should be horizontal and without text. Other images may cause your event submission to be rejected and need to be resubmitted. The best aspect ratio for photos if 4:3, with a preferred size of 550px w x330px h.
  • Event description should include information not entered into other form fields and not be in first-person. Descriptions not following these guidelines will be edited prior to approval.
  • Event links should go to websites/pages with more information on the event, NOT to a homepage or general information page.
  • Once submitted via the form below, events go through an approval process to ensure complete information and proper categorization. You will then be notified about the approval status. Typically, this will take no more than 24-48 business hours.

Visit SLO CAL reserves the right to refuse inclusion of any event that does not align with the SLO CAL brand, is political in nature or is deemed offensive by Visit SLO CAL.


*Events can be built specifically for locals in mind and still be focused here. The key is if people from out of county might want to attend as part of a day or mult-night trip. It should provide some level of entertainment or enrichment to those individuals.