Visit SLO CAL Partners with Local Leaders to Launch, SLO CAL Welcome


The free training program is designed to enhance the customer service experience 

throughout San Luis Obispo County (SLO CAL)


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SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif., November 15, 2022 – Following months of research and development, Visit SLO CAL launches SLO CAL Welcome, an easily accessible and free customer service training program designed for SLO CAL’s Travel & Tourism industry investors, partners, stakeholders and businesses located throughout the county.


Participants engaging in SLO CAL Welcome will have the ability to increase their service knowledge as well as learn how to anticipate guest needs to deliver exceptional customer service as expected from more diverse and experienced travelers. Research has shown successful customer service training programs can elevate business, increase visitation, and ultimately enhance the local economy for businesses, staff, and the community.


“As travel and tourism grows in our area, our ability to best service our visitors becomes critical to our collective success. We’re confident SLO CAL Welcome will give people the knowledge they need to provide outstanding customer service and promote our destination organically, increasing visitor satisfaction,” said Chuck Davison, President & CEO of Visit SLO CAL. “Those who successfully complete this training will not only be recognized as destination experts but help set us apart in the crowded travel space.”


Visit SLO CAL enjoys a unique role as a countywide destination marketing and management organization (DMMO), which provides the opportunity to unite the county’s individual city destinations into one collective SLO CAL brand. Under this stewardship, Visit SLO CAL is tasked with the management of and continued improvement and enhancement of the visitor experience to improve the region’s visitation and economic development. In 2018, the DMMO initiated the 30-year Experience SLO CAL 2050 destination management strategy. SLO CAL Welcome is just one piece, but the considerable investment of $200,000 is evidence of the organization’s commitment.


While developing the program, Visit SLO CAL engaged local leaders throughout the community and partnered with R.A.C.E. Matters SLO and Gala Pride & Diversity Center to create a required module focused on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) to own the most comprehensive training program for participants.


The full SLO CAL Welcome curriculum consists of six modules that include introductory, intermediate and advanced customer service; the aforementioned EDI module; industry specific lessons covering restaurant, lodging or experiential attractions, which includes wineries, breweries, cultural attractions and recreational businesses; and destination history, culture and product knowledge.


Accessible via online and mobile, SLO CAL Welcome seamlessly incorporates into existing HR onboarding, is available in both English and Spanish for free and can be completed over a limited course of time. Incentives include higher customer ratings and satisfaction scores, industry recognition, continued education, and enhanced knowledge and a feeling of empowerment.


Tourism is one of the largest economic drivers across the county - second only to agriculture - contributing more than $100 million in local tax revenues, employing upwards of 20,000 residents and overall having a significant impact on the local quality of life.


For more information about SLO CAL Welcome or Visit SLO CAL, visit or email Eric Parker,