The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the trails of SLO CAL are calling. There's nothing quite like a day spent hiking with your furry friend. So, lace up those shoes, leash up and head out! Climb the highest peaks, traverse the scenic trails and make some friends along the way while hiking in SLO CAL. If you’re looking for a quick hike to watch the sunset, a longer jaunt with 360-degree views or a trail reminiscent of a motion picture film, these hikes will be a perfect retreat for you and Fido.

Arroyo Grande - lakes, lookouts and waterfalls

Big Falls, Arroyo Grande, 4.4 miles out and back

Little Falls, Arroyo Grande, 5.3 miles out and back

Cougar Trail, Lake Lopez, Arroyo Grande, 2.2 mile loop

Hi Mountain Lookout, Arroyo Grande, 3.25 miles loop

Atascadero - oak-studded woodland

Three Bridges Oak Preserve, Atascadero, 3.8 miles out and back

Jim Green Trail, Atascadero, 1.6 mile loop

Avila Beach - ocean views and a hidden swing

Bob Jones Trail, Avila Beach, 5 mile out and back

Sycamore Crest Trail to Ontario Ridge, Avila Beach, 1.75 miles out and back

Cambria - monterey pines and rugged coast line

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, Cambria, 3.5 mile loop

Cayucos - bird watching, fishing and a picnic

Whale Rock Reservoir, Cayucos, 4.1 mile out and back (only open wed-sun 6 am-5pm)

Los Osos + Baywood Park - pygmy oak and fun in the sand

El Moro Elfin Forest, Los Osos + Baywood Park, 1 mile loop

Morro Dunes Ecological Reserve, Los Osos + Baywood Park, 2.6 mile loop

Morro Bay - 360 degrees of gorgeous

Black Hill Trail, Morro Bay, 2.3 mile out and back

Paso Robles - lake daze

Shoreline Trail, Lake Nacimiento, Paso Robles, 5.6 miles out and back

Pismo Beach - butterflies and eucalyptus

Monarch Butterfly Grove Trail, Pismo Beach, 1.4 miles out and back

San Luis Obispo - peak views, open space and architecture

Bishop Peak, San Luis Obispo, 3.5-4.2 miles out and back

Bowden Ranch, San Luis Obispo, .9 miles out and back

Cerro San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo (note: multiple access points) 4 miles out and back

Eagle Rock Nature Trail, San Luis Obispo, 2.4 mile loop

East Cuesta Ridge, San Luis Obispo, 8.4 miles to top of Mount Lowe

Feldman Loop Trail, San Luis Obispo, 2.7 mile loop at base of Bishop Peak

Irish Hills Natural Reserve, San Luis Obispo, (multiple trails and access points)

Islay Hill, San Luis Obispo, 1.8 miles out and back

Johnson Ranch Open Space, San Luis Obispo, 3.7 miles loop

Poly Canyon Design Village, San Luis Obispo, 2.5 miles out and back

Railroad Trail, San Luis Obispo, paved 1.9 miles

Reservoir Canyon, San Luis Obispo, 5.35 miles out and back

Serenity Swing Trail, San Luis Obispo, 3.8 miles lollipop loop

Stenner Springs Open Space, San Luis Obispo, 3.7 miles out and back

South Hills Open Space, San Luis Obispo, 1.5 miles out and back

Terrace Hill Open Space, San Luis Obispo, .55 mile lollipop loop

West Cuesta Ridge to Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area, San Luis Obispo, 6 miles out and back

Santa Margarita - Los Padres National Forest and springtime wildflowers

Rinconada Trail, Santa Margarita, 3 miles lollipop loop

Shell Beach - ocean views and maybe a dolphin

Cave Landing Trail, Shell Beach, .5 miles out and back

Ontario Ridge Trail, Shell Beach, 2.8 miles out and back