30+ Public Art Pieces Throughout SLO CAL Encourage Residents and Visitors to Move About and Explore San Luis Obispo County 

Cambria Mural "Fly to Her" | San Luis Obispo Mural "Eternal Blossom"

Cambria Mural “Fly to Her” | San Luis Obispo Mural “Eternal Blossom.”  For high-res assets and b-roll, click here


San Luis Obispo County, California, [May 1, 2023] –  Visit SLO CAL (VSC) is proud to officially launch the ‘SLO CAL Mural Trail’ to entice visitors to experience multiple destinations within SLO CAL (San Luis Obispo County). The SLO CAL Mural Trail officially debuts two new murals commissioned by VSC, the countywide Destination Marketing and Management Organization (DMMO), from local artists Buddy Norton and Shelby Lowe of Canned Pineapple. This celebration begins California Tourism Month in SLO CAL and continues with giveaways and additional social promotions for the SLO CAL Mural Trail on VSC platforms.  


“Art is a crucial component of the community and the SLO CAL Mural Trail is an opportunity to encourage visitors to experience all we have to offer,” said Visit SLO CAL’s Chief Marketing Officer, Cathy Cartier. “Visit SLO CAL celebrates the annual migration of the Monarch Butterflies and the communities that make up our unique region.”  


In all, more than 30 murals make up the SLO CAL Mural Trail and visitors are now encouraged to engage with the SLO CAL artwork. Detailed information on the murals is available at SLOCAL.com, including a dedicated landing page with profiles of each artwork, a SLO CAL Crafted-branded promotional video on Canned Pineapple, in addition to editorial blog pieces on the same subject with mapping collateral. The two newly commissioned public art pieces from Canned Pineapple are featured in Cambria and the centrally located city of San Luis Obispo.  


“I based the overarching concept off the loose inspiration VSC provided of the migration of the Monarch butterflies while tying in subtle nods to the cities where these pieces will live,” said Buddy Norton of Canned Pineapple. “Everything we chose for these pieces is something that either migrates or carries the spirit of something coming and going. The Monarch butterflies, wildflowers, horses and sun were all things we thought represented the coming and going of life in SLO CAL.”


Buddy added, “The theme is carried out with color as well as having a dark and light yin and yang flow to everything. I wanted each wall to have a unique look while at the same time carrying on the themes of the larger project so that it was obvious that they all were connected. Each wall has Monarch butterflies on them in different ways. We wanted it to feel as if the butterfly was taking you on a journey from wall-to-wall landing in each town’s unique environment.”


A giveaway for limited edition t-shirts with prints of the Canned Pineapple artwork from Cayucos Collective will take place the second week of May (8) on VSC’s social media channels. Visit @SLOCAL on Instagram for complete contest rules and details to win.  


San Luis Obispo City Mural

  • Official name:  Eternal Blossom •Address: 1128-1130 Garden Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 •
  • Location: On the Scout Coffee building on Garden Street in alleyway between Scout Coffee and Baxter Moerman
  • Artist statement: The feeling of brushing shoulders with people is reflected in the artists intentions, signified with butterflies overlapping. Butterflies are intended to represent people and the unique perspectives they have and can share with one another. Flowers give nod to the natural beauty and variety of natural trails in the city while the equestrian symbols represent not only the California Polytechnic State University mascot, but the history of horses in the city and alleyway.

Cambria Mural

  • Official name: Fly to Her
  • Address: 2292 Main St, Cambria, CA 93428
  • Location: On side of Bob & Jan’s Bottle Shop
  • Artist statement: Touching on the feeling of wildflowers and ranches/horse riding that surround the town and welcome you to Big Sur, the Cambria mural has two central ties. The butterfly on this wall represents the continued journey/migration north. The horseshoes represent the trails and ranches and ability to horseback ride horses in the area.



Celebrated annually in May, California Tourism Month is an official state observance first designated by the Legislature in 2016 and re-authorized in subsequent years to spotlight the economic power of tourism across California communities and urges citizens to support tourism and local businesses by traveling in state as an act of civic pride. California Tourism Month also serves as a reminder to lawmakers that tourism doesn’t just happen but requires concerted marketing and favorable policies. For more information, go to VisitCalifornia.com.



Visit SLO CAL is the countywide non-profit destination marketing and management organization (DMMO) for San Luis Obispo County (SLO CAL). Visit SLO CAL is responsible for promoting SLO CAL as an attractive travel destination and enhancing the public image as a dynamic place to live and work. Through the impact of travel, Visit SLO CAL strengthens the economic position and provides opportunity for all people in the community. Built on research with a strategy of continuous improvement, Visit SLO CAL aims to establish SLO CAL as a favorite West Coast destination known for its signature slower pace of life and unique mix of incredible, immersive guest experiences. For more information, go to SLOCAL.com.