Nestled along the scenic California coast, Morro Bay is home to many things: sea otters, sand dunes, and good coffee! For coffee enthusiasts seeking a retreat from the hustle and bustle, this coastal town features an array of coffee shops that offer not just a caffeine fix but also a warm and inviting atmosphere. In this blog, we'll embark on a journey to explore five gems that bring together two things we love - Coffee and SLO CAL (San Luis Obispo County)!

Top Dog Coffee Bar

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Located in the heart of Downtown, Top Dog Coffee Bar has become a beloved part of Morro Bay. It is celebrated for its wonderful menu and fantastic ambiance, featuring an outdoor patio that welcomes both customers and their canine companions. There's nothing better than hanging out with your furry friend and drinking some good coffee in beautiful Morro Bay!

Top Dog doesn’t only serve delicious beverages, they also serve a greater cause. They roast their coffee through Rescue Me Coffee Company, which is an organization that aids local shelters and global independent coffee farmers with every purchase. Top Dog Coffee has been passionate about quality coffee and making a difference since they opened in 1996. Bring your furry friend to this coffee shop in Morro Bay, and know your purchase is making a pawsitive impact.

📍 857 Main St, Morro Bay, CA 9344

Daisy’s Organic Coffee and Teas

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Described as a hidden gem, Daisy’s Organic Coffee and Teas is a family-owned and operated coffee shop that caters to both locals and visitors. Daisy’s is located at the end of The Boatyard, offering an inviting ambiance where customers can relax to ocean sounds and views of Morro Rock and sea lions.

Not only is Daisy’s location fantastic, but so are their beverages! They serve fresh coffee, organic tea, and baked goods that are locally sourced or made in-house. Grab a lavender latte and relax oceanside or go for a stroll on the beach. Daisy’s Organic Coffee and Teas truly embraces Morro Bay’s authentic beauty, and we recommend you do too!  

📍 845 Embarcadero Suite I, Morro Bay, CA 93442

Rudie’s Rock Espresso Bar

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Rudie’s Rock Espresso Bar is “the spot” for great coffee and cozy vibes in Morro Bay! Come for coffee, and stay for good music and local art. The space exudes positivity and a homey feel, which perfectly aligns with Morro Bay’s vibe. 

Rudie’s Rock Espresso turns your morning coffee run into an experience. Grab a slice of cinnamon coffee cake and hangout in their outdoor garden or sip an iced tea and shop for local artwork. This shop serves as a hangout space, creativity hub, or really, whatever you make it. This coffee shop in Morro Bay truly rocks!

📍 275 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay, CA 93442

Buttercup Bakery and Cafe

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Looking for delicious pastries, hot breakfast, fresh coffee, or a yummy mimosa? Buttercup’s got you covered - and they’ll serve it up with a smile! This cozy cafe in Morro Bay offers a vast menu of delicious food and drinks coupled with a homey and welcoming ambiance. 

Buttercup Bakery and Cafe is treasured by locals and visitors alike. Starting as a home bakery, and expanding into their beautiful storefront, they value their customers very highly. They host a variety of community events, including a summer concert series featuring local artists from SLO CAL. If you’re ever craving that cozy home away from home feeling, pay them a visit. We promise you won’t be disappointed at this coffee shop in Morro Bay!

📍 430 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay, California 93442

Groggy Scallywag

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Located conveniently on Embarcadero Street, Groggy Scallywag is a welcomed new addition to the coffee scene in Morro Bay. Their adorable storefront is located across from The Shell Shop and just a few steps from the ocean. 

Stop in to grab a cup to-go and set on your way to explore all that Morro Bay has to offer. We recommend strolling down the Embarcadero to do some shopping, enjoying the view of Morro Rock, or hanging out at Tidelands Park. Once you’re caffeinated at this coffee shop, the opportunities are endless in Morro Bay!

📍 571 Embarcadero Suite A, Morro Bay, CA 93442

More Coffee Shops in SLO CAL

In Morro Bay, coffee, community, and coastal beauty come together to create the ideal destination. Whether you’re seeking a brunch by the sea, or a latte to take on your beach walk, we highly recommend these coffee shops. Come explore and savor life's simple pleasures in the cozy coastal paradise of Morro Bay!

Getting around SLO CAL (San Luis Obispo County) is easy. You can travel between all the different communities within minutes! Looking for more SLO CAL coffee shops outside of Morro Bay? Check out our other recommendations below!