Welcome to SLO CAL (San Luis Obispo County), where over 80 miles of coastline, epic views and gnarly waves come together to form a surfer's paradise. At the heart of SLO CAL's surf culture lies a tight-knit community, fueled by surf shops and passionate locals, who support and nurture the continual growth of the Central Coast surf scene. 

Get ready to embark on an a coastal adventure along Highway 1, cruising past unique surf spots scattered throughout San Luis Obispo County. Whether you're itching for sick surf gear, fresh beach threads or just need to snag some SPF, these five surf shops have all the goods to get you beach-bound and ready to shred the gnar!

Esteem Surf Co.

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Esteem Surf Shop Exterior

Esteem Surf Co. is a local hub for surf and skate gear, surf lessons, and hand-stitched apparel. Conveniently located just a few blocks from Pismo Beach Pier, it's the perfect stop before catching the waves. The shop also offers custom surfboards that are specifically tailored to each customer's skill level and wave experience. Renowned for its signature “Not L.A. Not the Bay” apparel, Esteem Surf Co. proudly represents all things SLO CAL.

Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a casual beachgoer, Esteem Surf Co. has everything you need, from basic beach essentials to high-quality surf equipment. Plus, tucked inside the shop is Cacti Coffee Roasters, serving up small batch roasted coffee. With exposed brick walls and vintage decor, it's a must-visit spot to grab a latte and explore. Swing by for a cup of joe, chat with the friendly local owner or peruse their collection of expertly crafted boards and clothing.

Central Coast Surfboards

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California natives, surfers and Cal Poly students Mike, Jim, and Danny noticed an absence in SLO CAL’s surf culture scene: a core surf shop. In response, the trio joined forces and opened Central Coast Surfboards in 1975, marking its status as the longest-running surf shop in San Luis Obispo County.

Nestled in Downtown San Luis Obispo, Central Coast Surfboards is a haven for board riders, offering a wide selection of surf, skate and snow gear. But it's not just about board sports—this store also features a range of beachy apparel, sunglasses, sandals, wallets, hats and other stylish accessories that perfectly capture the laid-back coastal vibe.

Just visiting? Those traveling light or looking to try something new can visit the store and browse rental gear. The shop also sells consignment surfboards at a lower price that still have plenty of sessions left in them! Experience the true essence of SLO CAL’s surf culture with a trip to Central Coast Surfboards.

Wavelengths Surf Shop

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Morro Rock

"The Rock" in Morro Bay is a 500-foot, 23-million-year-old volcanic plug, serving as an iconic Central Coast landmark and popular surf spot. Surfers eagerly gather at its shores, ready to catch some waves and admire the natural beauty of SLO CAL. 

Less than a mile away is Wavelengths Surf Shop, offering surf rentals and an extensive selection of gear and accessories. The shop also carries stylish apparel, skateboards, beachwear, and stickers, capturing the true essence of coastal living here in SLO CAL. Whether you’re a seasoned shredder or just getting your feet wet, Wavelengths has everything you need to get out in the water and ride the waves of Morro Bay.

After a surf session, take a leisurely stroll along the marina to spot sea otters, explore local galleries, and savor a delicious meal. Make the most of your time in Morro Bay by experiencing all that this charming coastal town has to offer.

Shell Beach Surf Shop

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Two Surfers at Shell BeachShell Beach Surf Shop embodies the essence of coastal living with a wide range of high-quality beach products, dynamic surf camps and community events. Located in picturesque Shell Beach, the shop is a celebration of SLO CAL’s vibrant coastal lifestyle, sharing the local community’s passion for surfing, traveling and living by the ocean.

New to surfing? No worries! Shell Beach Surf Shop extends a warm welcome to surfers of all ages and skill levels. Their surf camps are designed to teach essential fundamentals and ocean safety, providing a safe environment for beginners to learn and grow. Additionally, the shop offers rentals of stand-up paddle boards, bodyboards and classic beach cruiser bicycles, allowing visitors to fully embrace the beach lifestyle and enjoy their time by the sea.

For those seeking an immersive adventure, Shell Beach Surf Shop also offers surf retreats! Dive into a week-long adventure filled with surf lessons, yoga sessions and cooking classes, all set against the backdrop of the beach.

Cayucos Surf Company

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Cayucos Street View

Since 1996, Cayucos Surf Co. has been a go-to destination for locals and travelers seeking top-notch surf gear and apparel. Situated within a historic building, the shop's second story has been turned into an exhibit that showcases local surf memorabilia and honors the prehistory and development of the SLO CAL region.

Located only a block away from the Cayucos Pier, this surf shop is in a prime location, just steps away from the beach. The pier itself holds historical significance, tracing back to its construction in 1872 by Captain James Cass, the founder and first citizen of Cayucos.

Known for its historical charm and laid-back atmosphere, Cayucos is a beach town you don’t want to miss. Visit Cayucos Surf Co. to stock up on all your surf and beach essentials, then soak in the scenic views as you ride the waves. And after a day of surfing, be sure to indulge in waffles and breakfast tacos at Hidden Kitchen – it's an essential part of the Cayucos experience.

Surf's Up in SLO CAL

These local surf shops aren't just stores – they're the heartbeat of SLO CAL's vibrant surf culture! Here, you'll find more than just essential surf gear; you'll discover a welcoming community with laid-back vibes and endless waves of camaraderie. These shops invite locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the SLO CAL experience and witness the waves and natural beauty firsthand. So, whether you're a seasoned shredder or a newbie looking to catch your first wave, dive into the surf scene of SLO CAL and let these surf shops be your guide to an unforgettable ride!