It's hard to see the bigger picture when you're down on the ground, but lucky for you, SLO CAL (San Luis Obispo County) has a plethora of peaks, lookouts and 360° views to help you gain new perspectives. From short jaunts to longer, skyscraping adventures you'll be able to see SLO CAL like you've never seen it before. Pack your camera or make sure your phone has plenty of space and a full battery because you'll definitely want to show all of your followers, family and friends these views. What are you waiting for! Check out these 6 peaks, lookouts and 360° views in SLO CAL.


Elevation: 3198 Feet

Location: Los Padres National Forest, East of Lopez Lake

Distance: 10.4 miles out and back (from Santa Margarita)

While you can drive up to this lookout, it's recommended that you call ahead and that you have a four-wheel drive vehicle as the terrain can be steep. Hikers can also reach this lookout from High Mountain Road in both Santa Margarita and Arroyo Grande near Lopez Lake. Once at the top, visitors will enjoy panoramic views of the Los Padres National Forest and out to the coast.

(Photo by @namastaygold)


Elevation: 2,624 Feet

Location: Los Padres National Forest, Atascadero

Distance: 5.35 miles out and back

If views of the entirety of SLO CAL and the Nine Sisters are what you're looking for then Cerro Alto is just the hike for you. The trail begins at the Cerro Alto Campground and winds you up through the Los Padres National Forest. While this hike is more strenuous, you'll surely be rewarded once you take in the 360° views of San Luis Obispo County.

(Photo by @ThePacificKid)


Elevation: 800 Feet

Location: Los Osos

Distance: 2.6 mile loop

Transport yourself as you traverse sand dunes, grasses and ice plant and past a eucalyptus grove to reach views that will justify your sandy efforts. While parts of this hike reward you with views of Los Osos and two of the Nine Sisters (Cerro Cabrillo and Hollister Peak), the real treat comes at the top. Relax as you soak in the views of Morro Bay, Los Osos and parts of Montaña de Oro State Park.

(Photo by @Dodgiegram)


Elevation: 700 Feet

Location: Avila Beach

Distance: 2.8 mile loop

Begin your hike with a picturesque walk along the Shell Beach bluff before you trek up Avila Ridge, a steep and rugged hike. With beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean from Pismo Beach to Avila Beach, this trail offers up a quintessential California view. Don't forget to keep on the lookout for the iconic swing at the top!

(Photo by @graceananorris)


Elevation: 1030 Feet

Location: Los Padres National Forest, Santa Margarita

Distance: 4.7 mile loop

This trail is great for hikers, bikers, dogs and horseback riding. Midway between the town of Santa Margarita and Pozo enjoy mountain country, live oak trees, wildflowers in the spring and beautiful views of the Los Padres National Forest. This trail also features an old mercury mine and processing mill just right of the trailhead.


Elevation: 285 Feet

Location: San Luis Obispo

Distance: .9 mile loop

Whether you've done all of the peaks previously mentioned or you've decided to start here, Terrace Hill is a great (and easy) hike. With sweeping views of San Luis Obispo, Cerro San Luis and Bishop Peak this hike is perfect for any time of day but is especially fantastic at sunset.

(Photo by @noella_bella_)