A surfer rides a wave in SLO CAL


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With more than 80 miles of coastline, SLO CAL delights beach lovers at all times of the year. There’s no bad day to hit the beach in SLO CAL.
Looking for a classic California beach outing? Check out Pismo Beach, one of the Central Coast’s most stunning beaches. Cruise along Highway 1, stroll the length of the boardwalk or head to the pier for a unique view of the water below. Choose from surfing, sand volleyball, kayaking, fishing, or simply relax on the soft sand. 
Just up the road is Avila Beach, a charming beach town with a family-friendly vibe. Rent a bike, and cruise along the beachfront, or soak up the sun on the warm sand. Take a turn on the swing set, and feel like you’re swinging into the ocean. A nearby playground also keeps the little ones entertained when you need a bit of a coastal break.
Want to experience the shore in a different way? SLO CAL boasts beaches that cater to all interests. Explore a world of wonders hidden in tide pools, let your best friend run free in the surf at one of the area’s dog beaches, watch elephant seals at a rookery near San Simeon, or hike down coastal bluffs to discover off-the-beaten-path beaches. 


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